M3 Business Engine Administrator's Guide for Purchase Order Batch Entry

This document describes the required settings in order to run Purchase Order Batch Entry (POBE) in M3.

Before you start

The following prerequisites must be completed before you can run 'Purchase Order Batch Entry'.


PPS370MI is the main input program for 'Purchase order batch entry'. The other possibility is to manually add records in PPS370, PPS371...PPS376.

Note: No validations are made interactively in PPS370-376. Option 25 = validate should be used instead to validate the data entered in the POBE.

Empty fields are filled with default values. If a field has '?' as a value, the program sets this field to blank/zero regardless of default values.


Only order category 20 (normal PO) is allowed to use in the first version of POBE.

Only possible to create a new PO, no updates of an already created PO is allowed.

Available options in different statuses

The following statuses are used in the POBE:

It is possible to edit the data manually in the interface tables via interface programs PPS370-376 if status is below 90 = 'Transferred'. The updated data will then be used in the continuing process. If a record with status 25 is changed the status is lowered to 20. The MI-transactions can only change and update a PO in the interface if the status is 10='Order entry in progress'.

The table lists the available options in different POBE statuses



10 20 23 25 90
Create in PPS370/371 x - - - -
Create via MI-program x - - - -
Change in PPS370/371 x x x x -
Change via MI-program - - - - -
Copy - - - - -
Delete in PPS370/371 x x x x x
Delete via MI-program 'Delete Entry' (Deletes entire MSGN) x - - - -
PPS370 Option 20=Finish Entry x - - - -
PPS370/371 Option 25=Validate - x x x -
PPS370 Option 30=Process - x x x -

PPS091, Purchase order batch origin. Exceptions

PPS091 makes it possible to have special parameter settings for a certain 'Supplier'.

PPS288, Purchase cost. Connect Supplier Costing Element

In PPS370 and PPS370MI it is possible to update values from external system for purchase costing elements connected to the purchase order head or -lines displayed in PPS215. These values are used in the purchase order processing and invoice matching.

In order to get the integration between the external system and M3 to work regarding updates of costing elements on a PO or a PO-line a setup in PPS288 is required. A supplier costing element should be defined for handling cost updates sent from suppliers i.e. charges, handling costs etc. This supplier costing element is then connected to a purchase costing element in M3, defined in PPS280.

Costing elements in M3 connected to supplier costing elements requires that distribution method (DIMT) in PPS280/E is set to 1 = "Line-unique expenditures" or 2 = "Header-unique expenditure, should not be distributed". Method 3 = "Distribute between header and lines" can not be used in current version of POBE.

The currency code used for the values entered in PPS375 'Purchase Order Batch. Connect Charges' is always equal to the currency on in PPS370/E 'Purchase Order Batch. Open'.


The following transactions are available in the MI-program PPS370MI.

Work in progress flag

There is a 'work in progress' flag and a 'job number' on the purchase order head in the interface (MXHEAD). Function programs will always check these fields before performing any operations on a PO in the interface to make sure that there is not some other job currently working on the batch order. The values of the 'work in progress' flag are:


The listed scenarios describe some typical settings in POBE.

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