Settlement Document


Grower Agreements, used for the purchase of crops and livestock, can be subject to a number of different Quality Inspection (QI) tests, in addition to calculations performed against the attributes model of the goods received on the PO. The results of these tests and calculations are used in the invoice and settlement process to determine the level of charges applicable.

In some cases, the information, elements and results associated with the QI tests and attributes need to be output on the Settlement Documentation and listed in a particular order, placing the most common tests such as those to calculate water content at the top. The settings described in the Settlement Printing Model explain how to configure this associated output on the Settlement Document. The information output on the settlement document is not visible on screen as this is captured and processed on the print stream file.

Follow these steps

To print the settlement document follow these steps:

  1. Launch 'Supplier Invoice Batch Open' (APS450).

  2. To print a single self-bill invoice record, highlight the required invoice and choose related option 6 (print).

  3. To print multiple invoices as part of a batch, select Actions \ F17 from the drop down menu and then enter required invoice number range and batch details in 'Supplier Invoice Batch. Select Operation' (APS455).

The document printed is the standard Self-billing document with information blocks included in the streamfile for QMS-tests and attributes.

Once printed, updates to the ledger must be performed using 'ctrl 9' as per the standard self-billing process.

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