Schedule Level Reservation

Creating a reservation order

A reservation order is created when a MO is created with the parameter ‘Schedule level reservation’ active in ‘Manufacturing Order Type. Open’ (PMS120), and if a schedule number is connected to the planned MO or added when a manual MO is created. Depending on the setting of the parameter, the material aggregation is either per material or material/operation number.

The aggregation is done in basic u/m and for the not-rounded reserved quantity. This means that the reserved quantity is rounded once per schedule on the reservation order, instead of once per MO. As a result, the reserved quantity on the reservation order can be less than the total of each separate material demand in the schedule.

A material line is aggregated if a material exists on the reservation order with:
  • same item number
  • same operation number (depending on the setting in order type)
  • same issue method (only issue method 1 and 2 can be aggregated)
  • same warehouse and location
  • the material is not on picking list
  • same attribute values. Only planning and allocation attributes are created and considered on the reservation order.

If these criteria are not met, a new material line is created. When the material demand is moved to the reservation order, the material lines on the real orders are marked as completed and the issue method is changed to ‘Redistributed’ (7).

Material issue

When material issue is reported, the reporting is done on the reservation order. This means that the issue is reported for the whole schedule and then redistributed to the respective MO in relation to the reserved quantity.


Table 1. This table shows three MOs with reserved quantity for item ITEM-A and a reservation order (SLRO)
MO Reserved quantity
101 50
103 30
104 20
102 (SLRO) 100 (total of MO 101,103, 104)

Table 2. This table shows the redistribution results if 80 ITEM-A are issued
MO Issued quantity
101 40 (50/100*80)
103 24 (30/100*80)
104 16 (20/100*80)
Table 3. This table shows the created transactions in 'Stock Transaction. Display History' (MWS070) after the redistribution
Whs Item number Ent dt Trans qty Order no Line Trans Type Accounting number
001 ITEMA 191017 80- 102 2 11 999999999
001 ITEMA 191017 80 102 2 11 999999999
001 ITEMA 191017 40- 101 10 11  
001 ITEMA 191017 24- 103 10 11  
001 ITEMA 191017 16- 104 10 11  

The first transaction is the issue transaction for the reservation order. This transaction updates the on-hand balance but does not trigger any accounting transactions (Accounting number = 99999999). The next four transactions are the redistribution transactions. These transactions do not affect the on-hand balance. The first of these four transaction is an offset transaction and is created for “returning” the issue for the reservation order. This transaction does not generate accounting transactions. The next three transactions are issue transactions for the separate manufacturing orders. These transactions trigger the accounting transaction.


Over-allocation is allowed in manual allocation 'Allocation. Perform Detailed' (MMS121) for material connected to schedule reservation order (SLRO=1 in MWOHED). Over-allocation is validated against the over allocation tolerance set in ‘Settings – Warehouse Planning Control’ (CRS701).


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