Create Department

This procedure is used to enter or change a department, which represents the top level of the work center structure. Departments are linked to work centers in 'Work Center. Open' (PDS010).

Departments are used as a selection criteria in the work management elements of M3 Maintenance. For example, work orders and work load can be viewed by department.

In Maintenance, departments may include other levels as MAINT (Maintenance), OPS (Operations), etc.

A maintenance work center is normally people based and will be a group of craftsmen, such as mechanics or technicians.


This procedure results in either creating or updating departments which are ultimately connected to one or more work centers. The department is used in a number of planning components to view, for example, all orders belonging to that particular department.

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Department. Open' (CRS080).

  2. On the B panel, enter a new Department ID and select the Create option.

  3. On the E panel, enter a department description and name in the respective fields.

  4. Select the facility to which the department is associated.

  5. Click Next to save your changes.

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