Item Status

The item status is a two-digit code that describes the status of an item.


The valid statuses are:

Status Description
00 The item number is issued or created, but basic data is incomplete.
05 Necessary basic data for the item is specified.
10 Preliminarily released – may be purchased but not used.
15 The item will be replaced by another item. The item has status 15 until the balance of the replacement is zero. The status is then changed automatically to 20.
20 The item is released.
30 There are alternate items.
50 The item should be used and then discontinued. When the balance is zero, the item status is changed automatically to 80.
80 The item is discontinued. Stock transactions (returns, for example) are still permitted.
90 The item is discontinued. This status must always be set manually.
99 The item is discontinued through an item number change. The item can only be found in the item file.