Basic Data - Start/Stop MO Operation

Basic data must be defined before reporting the start or stop of an operation. It should be specified in the order suggested below.

Work hour definition

Work hour definitions are specified in 'Work Hour Definition. Open' (CRS505). They indicate when work hours begin and end, when there are breaks, etc. These definitions are then used in the work schedule and calendar.


Anyone allowed to report operations must be specified in 'User. Connect Authority' (CRS545). Also, the authorization to change and approve reported transactions is also specified here.

Work calendar

A general work calendar is created in 'Work Schedule. Open' (CRS515). It indicates the work hour definition that applies, day by day, during a specific period. The work schedule is then used as a template for creating a calendar for each person who reports. Panel sequence E12FG is recommended to be use when creating work schedules.

Panel E in (CRS515)

Panel E in 'Work Schedule. Open' (CRS515) is used to specify whether a basic schedule is used as a template, the interval at which the work schedule is repeated (in multiples of seven days), and the start and end dates for any summer-time schedule. A basic schedule is a work schedule that only contains non-workdays, for example. If it is used, it overrides the work schedule. Basic schedules are also created in CRS515.

Panel 1 in (CRS516)

Panel 1 in 'Work Schedule. Enter Weekdays' (CRS516) is used to specify the work hour definition to apply. This definition is entered for the period specified in panel E. So, if a period of seven days (7) was entered, the work hour definition should be entered for seven days.

Panel 2 in (CRS517)

If work hours are different than usual for a certain part of the year, such as during the summer, they can be defined in Panel 2 in 'Work Schedule. Enter Repl Work Hours' (CRS517). The work hour definitions in the work schedule are then replaced by the hours entered in the summertime schedule when the work schedule is generated.

Panel F in (CRS515)

Panel F in 'Work Schedule. Open' (CRS515) is used to enter the start and end dates for generating the work schedule and the date of the first Monday of the year. When panel F is exited, the work schedule is generated. If no date is entered, no work schedule is generated.

Panel G in (CRS515)

Panel G in 'Work Schedule. Open' (CRS515) is used to check and change calendars generated.


Anyone reporting an operation must be specified in 'Person. Open' (CRS530/E). The card number to use for reporting, the person's calendar, and the date as of when the calendar applies are specified for each person. When this program is exited, the calendar is created or changed for that person. If someone's calendar should be changed on a specific date, the new work schedule should be entered as of this date. The calendar will then contain the old calendar up to the date entered and the new calendar as of the date entered.

Calendars for each Person

A person's calendar is changed in 'Employee. Connect Calendar' (CRS510).

Work groups

If the work is done by a work group, this is also defined in program CRS510.

Data collection parameters

Different factors that determine how data collections works are defined in 'Settings - Operation Reporting' (PMS490).

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