Basic Data for Production Activity Control

Basic data must be defined before using production activity control. It should be specified in the order suggested below.

Basic product data

To create a manufacturing order, basic product data must be defined. This includes the products to be made, work centers where the operations are performed, operation elements, queue and transit times, and calendars.

Manufacturing order types

A manufacturing order type is a collective identity for a set of rules determining how a manufacturing order is processed in the order flow. It is defined in ‘Manufacturing Order Type. Open’ (PMS120).

Parameters – Production statistics

Factors that determine how production statistics are created are defined in ‘Settings - Production Statistics’ (PMS390).

Number series

The different number series used in production activity control are specified in 'Number Series. Open' (CRS165). Different number series are used for the following types of numbers:

Parameters – Acquisition

Program 'Settings - Acquisition' (CRS723) is used to specify different factors that determine how to process manufacturing orders created from customer orders.

Parameters – Manufacturing orders

Program 'Settings - Manufacturing Orders' (CRS785) is used to specify whether to 1) automatically flag all operations and material as completed when receipt is flagged as completed, and 2) copy material with zero quantity to manufacturing orders when they are created.

Parameters – Capacity requirements planning

Program Parameters 'Settings - Capacity Planning' (CRS786) is used to specify different factors that determine load.

Parameters – Product structures

Program 'Settings - Product Structure' (CRS787) is used to specify the product structure type to be automatically proposed in the planned order and when to create manufacturing orders manually.

Basic Data – Start/stop operation

Basic data needed to report the start or stop of work on an operation and to further process reported transactions is defined. See Basic Data - Start/Stop MO Operation.

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