Order Disposition

Order disposition is used to close the order and transfer responsibility for it out of the PAC system. This involves:

Before you start

The process can be started when these prerequisites are met:

Follow these steps

This section describes the activities in this process.

  1. Put-away and Flag Complete

    Order disposition starts with receipt of the product to stock and reporting the flagging of the order as completed. See Receiving Manufacturing Orders.

    The order status is set at 80 or 90 (closed). Status 80 indicates there are components or operations on the order that are not flagged as completed or the product should be reported in Managing Laboratory Inspection.

    On-hand balance is updated and work-in-progress is reduced when the receipt is reported. When the order is flagged as completed, responsibility and control is transferred from PAC.

  2. Quality Inspection

    Products the must undergo quality inspection have their balance identity status set at 1 when receipt is reported. This status is raised to 2 (approved) when the inspection is completed. This is done in 'Quality-inspected Item. Put away' (PMS130).

    This changes the order status from 80 to 90. See Managing Laboratory Inspection.

  3. Production Statistics

    Production statistics can be created when the has status 90. This is when all activities on the order are flagged as completed and any quality inspection is completed. Production statistics are created in program Create Production Statistics (PMS300).

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