Reporting Operation Data

Reporting operation data is used to update manufactured quantity and work completed to the manufacturing order, as well as reduce load and close the operation when it is completed.

After using this process, the following information is reported against the operation:

Before you start

The process can be started when these prerequisites are met:

Follow these steps

This diagram illustrates the activities in this process.

  1. Report operation data

    Operation data is reported in 'MO Operation. Report' (PMS070). Field control can be used for all input fields in panel E. Each field and field heading can be set for display only, not displayed, or display and input. Field control is defined in 'Work Center. Open' (PDS010/J).

  2. Report by employee number

    Reporting can be done against an employee number in (PMS070). Reporting against more than one employee number is done in 'WO Operation. Report Employee' (PMS075), which is accessed using function key F14='Report emp. no.' or option 14='Report emp. no.'.

    If the work center uses labor time, hours used and manufactured quantity can be specified per employee. Reported times and quantities are then totaled for the operation.

    Only hours used are reported if the work center uses machine time. The reported times are then totaled for the operation. Manufactured and scrapped quantities are entered in panel E of (PMS070). The reported quantity is saved against the employee number first reported in the transaction file.

    If the report is not marked as completed, the remaining quantity to report is automatically proposed. This is the planned quantity reduced by the manufactured quantity already reported. If reported manufactured quantity exceeds planned quantity, the operation is automatically flagged completed.

    If the 'Used labor run time' and 'Used machine run time' fields are not open for input, the hours are calculated from the manufactured quantity reported.

    If the 'Used labor run time' field (either run or setup) is not open for input, the hours used are automatically calculated from reported machine run time or vice-versa. Labor and machine times are calculated differently depending on whether the work center uses labor or machine time.

  3. Report subcontracted operations

    Panel F (instead of E) is opened automatically to report subcontracted operations.

    To report disturbances, a message can be created in 'Application Message. Open' (CRS420) to send to one or more users. Otherwise, an OfficeVision message can be sent. This is entered for each disturbance type in 'Disturbance Type. Open' (PDS044). Whether the disturbance caused a production stop can also be specified for each type. A type 2 transaction (production stop) is created in the transaction file when reporting includes the corresponding disturbance type.

    The price of the operation is proposed from the manufacturing order for reporting purposes. The price can be changed for each employee number in 'WO Operation. Report Employee' (PMS075) or in panel G of (PMS070). The latter is set for display (or not) in panel P of (PMS070).

    Manufactured quantity can be reported in an alternate unit of measure (U/M), if an alternate quantity U/M is defined in 'Item. Connect Alternate U/M' (MMS015) or in 'Work Center Item U/M' (PDS045).

    The 'Automatic receipt W/C' field indicates whether 'MO Operation. Report' (PMS070) is automatically displayed when the last operation not quality inspected in the manufacturing order is reported. (Field quality inspection is set at 0 in the final operation in 'Work Center. Open' (PDS010).) See Receiving Manufacturing Orders.

    The issue of components with issue code 4 or 6 that are connected to the operation are automatically reported when the operation is reported.

  4. MWOPTR file

    All reported transactions are stored in a special transaction file (MWOPTR) and the system updates the operation to the manufacturing order.

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