Follow Up and Print Out Manufacturing Statistics for W/C

This document explains how you retrieve and print out statistics for a work center.


You have retrieved statistics for the work center’s:

Before you start

See Follow Up and Print Out Statistics for Separate Manufacturing Order.

Follow these steps

  1. Start ‘MO Work Center Statistics. Display’ (PMS350).

  2. Select a view and sorting order.

    The fields that are displayed on the panel depend on which view you select.

  3. Limit the number of objects in the list on the B panel by entering values in the relevant fields.

    The list will contain the objects that match the values you specify in the fields.

  4. Mark an object in list and select Show.

  5. Check and analyze the information on the different panels:

    • The E panel displays ordered, manufactured and scrapped quantities.
    • The F panel displays run time and setup time.
  6. To print out statistics, start ‘Work Center Statistics. Print’ (PMS352).

  7. Select the information that will be included in the report by entering values in the From and To fields on the E panel.

  8. Define the order in which information will be presented by entering the sequence number in the third column on the E panel. Click Next to continue.

  9. Select the output media in ‘Output. Select Media’ (MNS212) on the B1 panel.

  10. Press Enter to print out the statistics you defined.

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