Follow Up and Print Out Manufacturing Statistics for Average Values

This document explains how to retrieve statistics for manufacturing orders (MO), operations and materials during a selected time period.


You have retrieved average statistics for repetitive production during a selected time period. From these statistics, you can determine any deviations and their causes.

M3 is not affected.

For details on usage, see Creating, Following Up, and Printing Out Manufacturing Statistics.


Function Show statistics Panels in the display program Print out statistics
Display statistics per manufacturing order during the selected time period 'MO Statistics. Display Average' (PMS315)

The E panel displays the number of ordered, manufactured and scraped units during the selected time frame.

The F panel displays the average deviation from planned values for material costs, operations, subcontracted work and total costs.

'MO Average Statistics. Print' (PMS317)
Display statistics for operations during selected time period 'MO Operation Stats. Display Average' (PMS336)

The E panel displays weight, volume and deviations from the plan for manufactured and scrapped quantities as well as for run and setup times.

The F panel displays deviations in the planned number of people and machines.

The G panel displays deviations from planned cost.

'MO Operation Statistics. Print (PMS354)
Display statistics per planning group MO Material Stats. Display Average' (PMS346) E-the panel show deviation from planned use quantity and planned costs. 'MO Material Statistics. Print' (PMS356)

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Select what you want to do and start the program that applies according to the table above.

  2. Select a view and sorting order.

    The fields that are displayed on the panel depends on which sorting order you select and which sorting criteria that is selected in 'Sorting order. Open' (CRS022).

  3. Limit the number of objects in the list on the B panel in the respective program by specifying values in the relevant fields.

    The list will contain the objects that match the values you specify in the fields.

    If you start with (PMS315) and go on to (PMS333) or (PMS343), only operations and materials that are included in the MO you selected will be displayed.

  4. Mark an object in list and select Show.

  5. Check and analyze the information on the different panels.

  6. To print out statistics, start the program that applies according to the table above.

  7. Select a view and sorting order.

  8. Select the information that will be included in the report by entering values in the From and To fields on the E panel.

  9. Define the order in which information will be presented by entering the sequence number in the third column on the E panel. Click Next to continue.

  10. Select the output media in 'Output. Select Media' (MNS212) on the B1 panel.

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