Create Manufacturing Statistics

This document explains how to transfer finished manufacturing orders (MOs) to the Production Statistics component. The statistics are updated with new orders and actual costing after this transfer. If averages are used, average statistics are recalculated during the run as of the earliest date of the new orders.


Statistical information is created for selected MO. Report versions with specific statistic runs may be defined and saved.

Note that no further reporting is included after the MO is transferred to the statistics, since the transfer can be done only once. This can be avoided by selecting orders by finish date so that recently completed orders are not included. This safety margin is set in the 'Lead time offset' field.

These files are affected:

The information can be viewed and printed for further analyses. Any created report versions may be reused.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Select one of these alternatives:

    • If you want to update the statistics with all new manufacturing orders, Start 'Production Statistics. Create' (PMS300) and set the panel sequence to E (recommended).
    • If you have to adjust an existing report version or create a new report, go to step 3.
    • If you want to use a predefined report version, go to step 4.
  2. Start 'Production Statistics. Create' (PMS300) and set the panel sequence to E.

  3. Define and adjust report versions:

    1. Open an existing report version or enter an identity for the report version and select New to display the E panel.

    2. Specify the selection criteria in the From and To fields.

      A number of selection criteria can be used. Among these are facility, warehouse, product number and MO number.

    3. Press Enter to save.

  4. Use a saved report version:

    1. Start 'Production Statistics. Create' (PMS300/E).

    2. Highlight a report version from the list and select option 9 = Run to update the statistics.

    3. Press Enter to finish.

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