Report Scrapped Item in Process

This document explains how you manually update a manufacturing order with the number of produced items and completed work, and how you can change and register unit prices and piece rates.


These are the functionality uses:

These files are updated:

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'MO Operation. Report' (PMS070/A).

  2. Specify a facility and product number.

    If you specify an MO number, the product number will be provided automatically.

  3. If you only have one operation to report, fill in one of these fields:

    • Operation number
    • Reporting number
    • Production lot number.

      The unit of measure that contains items from a special lot can be reported.

    Press Enter to display the E panel and press F3 to finish.

  4. If you want to report on several operations, you fill in a value in one or several of these fields:

    • Schedule number
    • Reported type

    On the P panel, you decide whether this field should be displayed on the A panel.

    • MO number
    • Reporting date.
  5. Check, and change if necessary, the facility, schedule number and reporting date on the B panel.

  6. To report the scrapped items, enter this mandatory information:

    • Produced quantity

      Note that scrap quantity should be included in produced quantity.

      The quantity that is left to produce on the operation is automatically defaulted in the field.

    • Scrap quantity
    • Operation completed

      This field must be selected on the P panel to be displayed. If there are no more units left to produce, you flag the MO as completed. The remaining quantity will then be changed to zero. If the produced quantity is greater than or equal to the ordered quantity, the field will be filled in automatically.

    • Rejection reason.
  7. If necessary, enter one or several of these fields:

    • Scrap source work center

      The field is used if the scrap has been caused by a work center that is different from the work center that is reporting the operation.

    • Costing type
    • Transaction date
    • Transaction time
    • Setup for Planned number of workers

      Enter the number of people that are planned to participate in preparations for the current operation.

    • Rework.

      Select if a previously processed product was reworked in the current operation.

  8. Press F3 to finish.

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