Report Inspection Result in Process on Manufacturing Orders

This document explains how you report in process inspections. Inspections can be performed and reported during operations both in process and post-process.

Inspections reported and followed up by lot handling are described in the Laboratory Inspection component group.


The inspection result has been registered.

The operation can continue, or if it is an inspection after the operation is finished, you can continue with the next operation on the manufacturing order (MO).

These system files are updated:

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start ‘MO Operation. Report Inspection Result’ (PMS085/B).

  2. Enter the information that is necessary to identify operation in the following fields:

    • Facility
    • Product number
    • Manufacturing order number
    • Operation number.
  3. If you want to report the inspection result directly in the subfile on the B panel, go to the next step.

    If you want the limits of the result to be displayed when you report, go to Report on the E panel.

  4. To report on the B panel in the subfile, Enter the values in the columns for Value, Remark, Reporting date and Reporting time.

    Date and time will be defaulted if you leave the fields blank.

  5. To report on the E panel, click Next to display the panel.

  6. Enter the reported value of the inspection.

    The value can either be numeric or alphanumeric. The value entered can be set freely and compared against limit values, or be picked from a table. This is controlled by the result type, connected to the result identity.

    If the value does not fall within predefined limits, a warning will be displayed. Press F10 to generate a message in ‘Application Message. Open’ (CRS420).

  7. Press F4 twice to check the result type. The result type determines whether the value should be set freely and compared against limit values, or be picked from a table. You select result type in ‘Quality Inspection Result. Open’ (PDS042).

  8. Enter a Remark.

    This field is optional.

  9. Enter a ‘Transaction date’ and a ‘Transaction time.’

    These fields will be defaulted if you leave them blank.

  10. Press Enter to finish the operation. The value will disappear from the field. The value can be displayed in ‘MO Operation. Display Inspection Result’ (PMS086).

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