Reschedule Operations on Manufacturing Order

This document explains how you change times and quantities on one or several manufacturing operations.


Before you start

Follow These Steps

Change Times and Quantities for Operations

  1. Start 'MO Operation. Reschedule' (PMS020).

    It is also possible to click on option 21=Reschedule operation in 'Work Center Schedule. Open' (PMS230).

  2. Select a product number and an MO number.

  3. On the File menu, click New to create a rescheduled operation. The E panel is displayed.

  4. Change the values in one or several of the following fields:

    • Order quantity alternative unit of measure
    • Priority
    • Start date and time
    • Finish date and time.
  5. For order-initiated MOs, three more fields are displayed:

    • Reschedule lower levels

      Select whether you want lower levels that were created through explosions to be automatically rescheduled.

    • Reschedule downstream

      Select whether following operations on the MO should be automatically rescheduled.

    • Reschedule upstream

      Select whether previous operations should be automatically rescheduled.

  6. Press Enter to go back to the B panel.

  7. Check the MO in the table. If the values, including your changes, are correct click Finish to execute the changes.

    If you want to check the results, start 'Manufact Order. Open' (PMS100).

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