Split Manufacturing Order

This document explains how you reduce the lead time for part of a manufacturing order (MO) by splitting the order.

For an MO that is created with an MO type with an Aging parameter (AGIG) of 2, a user can specify a manual reclassification date (MREC) and time (MRCT) on the split MO.


You have changed the original MO and created a new one for the remaining quantity.

The split is done in a specific operation. When the manufacturing order header is split, the bill of material, routings, reported transactions and material allocation will also be split.

Any shortage of resources, such as material or capacity shortage, can cause the need to split an order.

These system files are affected:

Before you start

Splitting is only allowed on an MO:

Follow these steps

  1. Start ‘Manufact Order. Split’ (PMS055).

    An alternative is to start ‘Work Center Schedule. Open’ (PMS230) and select option 11.

  2. Specify the product, MO number and operation on the B panel.

  3. On the E panel, you specify the following:

    • Order quantity

      The order quantity specified is the quantity to be kept on the original order.

    • Start or finish date for the original order and for the new order

      If you specify a start date, the system will use forward scheduling, and if you specify a finish date it will use backward scheduling.

    • Start or finish time

      Only if the facility uses shift planning.

    • Priority for the new order, if necessary

      The priority for the original order is defaulted.

  4. Click F13 to finish.

    The new order will not refer to the original order and vice versa.

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