Reporting of Operation on Manufacturing Order

This document explains how you:


All transactions are stored in the 'Manufacturing Order-operations/ transactions' (MWOPTR) file.

The load is reduced when the operation has been reported.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Report completed operation

    You select to report either man, machine or set up time, or all three, on the completed operation.

    • If the operation is of type 5 the performed work on the completed operation must bee controlled. Continue to Report result of control.
    • If the operation do not have to be controlled, continue to Report scrap.

    For more information on reporting completed operations, see Report Operation Time and Scrap.

  2. Report result of control

    The result of the performed control is reported as an optional alphanumeric value, or as a predefined value from a table. If the control gives ha non-approved result you can attach a message to the result.

    For more information on reporting control result, see Report Inspection Result in Process on Manufacturing Orders.

  3. Report scrap

    The number of item that been scrapped during the operation or at the control, should be reported. The scrap reason could be reported.

    For more information on reporting scrap, see Report Operation Time and Scrap.

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