Work Center Scheduling Manufacturing Order

This document explains how you plan in detail the order of operations and when they will be implemented in a work center in order to achieve a certain predefined goal. The goal can be to make the shortest possible queue and setup time or to use a tool as effectively as possible.


Work center scheduling results in a:

The production department can optimally implement the operations.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Select W/C and MO

    Select a work center first, and then select the MO/operations that you want to work center schedule.

    Select a work center and MO/operation in 'Work Center Schedule. Open' (PMS230).

  2. Select operations

    You select the operations that you will work with by selecting or creating a view. In the view, you select the fields and operations that will be displayed, as well as the sorting method that will be used. You can select all the fields in the order header file, operation file and certain fields in the item file, as well as a number of priority values. Priority values are calculated before they are displayed, that is, they are not saved in a file. You can connect a view to a work center. The view is proposed when a work center is specified on the work center schedule. You specify on the P panel whether changing the view is allowed. You define sorting orders in 'Panel Vsn - W/C Schedule. Open' (PMS231/B).

  3. Sequence operations

    By sequencing the operations you evaluate and specify the order in which the operations will be implemented. The sequencing is performed manually and on two levels. The upper level is represented by a schedule number that is either specified in the planned manufacturing order or set from the work center schedule. The lower level is represented by a sequence number, which specifies the order of the operations with the same schedule number. You create the sequencing in 'Work Center Schedule. Open' (PMS230).

  4. Calculate times for start and stop, with automatic W/C scheduling

    When the operations have been sequenced, you can calculate the starting and stopping times for the operations that have been marked. After the calculation, the operations will automatically receive the status 'Work center scheduled' (50).

    This calculation is only possible when shift planning is used. Shift planning is performed in 'Facility. Open' (CRS008). The detail load for the actual work center will also be updated.

    Finite and infinite operations can be calculated. The planning always occurs in the future, which is known as forward scheduling.

    You calculate the start and stop times in 'Work Center Schedule. Open' (PMS230).

  5. W/C schedule an operation manually

    If you did not calculate the start and stop times after the sequencing, you manually give the operations the status 'Work center scheduled' (50). If the operation is the last operation on a MO, the whole MO automatically receives the status 'Work center scheduled.'

    You raise the status of the operations in 'Work Center Schedule. Open' (PMS230).

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