Staging on Manufacturing Order

This document explains how you confirm that there is sufficient material to start a manufacturing order (MO) at the predetermined time.


You know the materials situation for the manufacturing order. Manufacturing orders without material shortages have received status 40=Staged.

After material availability check, all the MO headers that are stored in (MWOHED) are updated.

If you allocate material, the allocatable material that is stored in (MITALO) is updated.

If there is not sufficient material, you must either reschedule one or several manufacturing orders or bring forward material delivery. Manufacturing orders without material shortages go further in the process.

Before you start

There must be a manufacturing order with indirect material.

Follow These Steps

  1. Select MO

    You select which manufacturing order you want to have presented.

    Select the manufacturing order in 'Manufact Order. Open' (PMS100), and select operations and material in 'Manufact Order. Check Comp Availability' (PMS040).

  2. Check material

    Check all the included material in the selected manufacturing order.

    Use 'Manufact Order. Check Comp Availability' (PMS040).

  3. Correct shortage

    If you have discovered material shortages, you can correct them either by rescheduling one or several orders, or by bringing forward material delivery.

    To reschedule one or several manufacturing orders, use 'Manufact Order. Reschedule' (PMS010).

    You bring forward material delivery in one of the following ways:

    • Reschedule one or several manufacturing orders, or move forward the manufacturing of the material that is missing. Use 'Manufact Order. Reschedule' (PMS010).
    • Move allocatable material from other manufacturing orders. Use 'Allocation. Perform' (MMS120).
    • Purchase the material. Use 'Planned Purchase Order. Open' (PPS170).
    • Retrieve material from another warehouse. Use 'Req/Distr Order. Open' (MMS100).
  4. Stage manufacturing order

    Manufacturing orders are material availability checked when their status is 40=Staged. The material can also be allocated.

    Material availability checking and allocation takes place in 'Manufact Order. Check Comp Availability' (PMS040).

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