Stage on Manufacturing Order

This document explains how you check that the material that is needed to complete a manufacturing order (MO) is available.


You know which MOs can be completed without material shortages and you can take measures to solve material shortages. MOs without material shortages receive status 40 Staged.

Established material shortages can lead to rescheduling. MOs checked for availability go further in the process.

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Manufact Order. Open' (PMS100).

    The instruction starts from the predefined sorting order 'MO per product,' as well as from panel sequence EFGHI1.

    Select MO

  2. You select on which MO you will check the material availability by filling in one/several of these fields:

    • Facility
    • Status
    • The appropriate selection field in the view you selected, such as product number or MO number.
  3. Select an MO and choose option 22=Select check component availability to start 'Manufact Order. Check Comp Availability' (PMS040).

    Specify what you want check

  4. If necessary, change the contents of these fields:

    • Facility
    • Product number
    • MO number.
  5. Select availability type

    The availability type determines which type of availability balance a material requirement is compared to during inspection.

    • Current on-hand balance
    • Projected on-hand balance on date needed
    • Availability-to-promise according to ATP principle
    • Allocatable net: the remaining allocatable quantity for the item/warehouse.
      • For materials that are backflushed, the balance per location used is displayed.
      • For material issued through a requisition, allocatable net per location on the manufacturing order and allocatable net per location for the warehouse is displayed.
      • If location is missing on the MO, the allocatable net per item location for the warehouse location is displayed.
      • If warehouse location for item location is missing, the total allocatable balance for the warehouse is displayed.

    Specify which material you want check

  6. Select whether you only want shortage material displayed.

  7. Select the order in which you want to sort the material.

  8. You can specify these ranges for the material:

    • From sequence no. – To
    • From operation – To
    • From date – To.
  9. In the fields above the table, you can specify the sequence and operations numbers.

  10. Press Enter to sort the material in the table according to the selection criteria you specified.

    Check material

  11. Check the opening material in the manufacturing order. Materials for which there is a shortage are marked. If necessary, correct the selection criteria.

  12. Further check the material by selecting a line and selecting from these options:

    • Item/Warehouse (option 10)
    • Material plan (option 11)
    • Check alternative material (option 20).
  13. Select from among these conditions:

    • If all the material on a manufacturing order is accessible, stage a manufacturing order without shortage by pressing F15=Stage.
    • If there is a shortage of material, continue with Correct material shortages.

    Correct material shortages

  14. Correct material shortages in this way:

    • Reschedule the manufacturing order. Use 'Manufact Order. Reschedule' (PMS010).
    • Move forward the manufacturing of the material that is missing. Use 'Manufact Order. Reschedule' (PMS010).
    • Move allocated material from other manufacturing orders. Use 'Allocation. Perform' (MMS120) to redistribute the material.
    • Purchase the material that is missing. Use 'Planned Purchase Order. Open' (PPS170).
    • Retrieve material from other warehouses. Use 'Req/Distr Order. Open' (MMS100) to place a distribution order.
  15. Stage a manufacturing order without shortage by pressing F15=Stage.

    The status of the manufacturing order is raised to 40= Staged.

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