Create Planned Manufacturing Order Manually

This document explains how you manually select the values and parameters that will control the planned manufacturing order that you created.


You have created a planned manufacturing order that will be handled like other automatically created planned manufacturing orders.

These files are affected:

Manually creating a planned manufacturing order is a complement to the automatic creation of planned manufacturing orders. Planned manufacturing orders are dealt with by the planning function to later be released; that is, they are made accessible for the production function.

Before you start

See Creating Planned Manufacturing Order.

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Planned MO. Open' (PMS170).

  2. On the B panel, press F17=Create, to create a planned manufacturing order.

  3. On the A panel, fill in the 'Responsible', 'Warehouse' and 'Product no.' fields.

  4. On the E panel, fill in these mandatory fields:

    • Finish date

      Shift work is used in some fields of activity. In such cases, the time can also be specified. Shift work is planned in 'Facility. Open' (CRS008).

    • Planned quantity – change units if necessary.

      Some products allow the unit option. See the settings in 'Item. Open' (MMS001).

  5. Check and correct the fields that are mandatory, but that include a previously determined value:

    • Responsible

      Responsible is specified on the A panel. You can, however, also change the field from the E panel.

    • Order type

      The order type controls how the order is to be handled in the order flow.

    • Structure type – occurs only for some products

      Structure type is used to define more than one product structure per product and facility.

      In 'Settings – Product Structure' (CRS787), define whether a structure type will exist for the product or not.

  6. Check and fill in, if necessary, the fields that are available, but not mandatory:

    • Status - applies to the planned manufacturing order
    • Status – applies to the manufacturing order
    • Project number

      The field indicates the number of the work group to which the manufacturing order belongs.

    • Project element

      The field indicates the manufacturing order's type of activity.

    • Schedule number

      The field indicates the manufacturing order's schedule number in a planning group.

    • Production line

      The field indicates the planning group in which the product will be produced.

  7. Press Enter. The planned manufacturing order is now created.

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