Start and Stop Registering Labor Time for Several Operations

This document explains how you start and stop the entry of setup time and labor time for several operations.


The data entry of time begins when you start operations. In addition, the operations' statuses are raised to 60 (Started).

Data entry ceases when you stop operations. The operations' time is calculated automatically, and the number of manufactured units and the number of discarded units are updated. The operations' statuses are raised to 70 (Partially reported).

If you stopped all the operations for a manufacturing order (that is, both stopped and completed the operation), then the status is raised to 90 (Completed). The time that was used to perform the operations is entered.

The following files are affected:

If all the operations on a manufacturing order are stopped, the following files are also affected:

If there are several operations remaining on a manufacturing order, then one of them is the next operation that will be carried out. For information about how individual operations are started, see Starting, Stopping, Validating and Attesting of Operation Time.

The operations that are completed can be validated and are then authorized. This is done in 'MO Operation. Open Reported' (PMS400).

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. To start the entry of time on several operations, launch 'MO Operation. Report Several Starts' (PMS430/A).

  2. Enter your individual card number.

    If you have a bar code reader, you can use it to read the number from your ID card.

  3. Enter a unique number for the operations in the 'Report ID' field.

    The number will be unique for this grouping of operations and will be used when you stop the operations.

  4. Enter the type of operation in the 'Operation report type' field. Press Enter.

    You can select 1=Labor time – run, or 2=Labor time – setup.

  5. On the B panel, select option 1=Start operation, to mark the operations you want to start. Press Enter.

  6. If production lot numbers are connected to the operations, select the production lot number to which the labor time refers on the K panel. Press Enter. Repeat this step for several operations, if necessary.

    The operations you marked are started. The current lines receive a specific indication and the status on the operation is changed to 60.

  7. To stop the entry of time on several operations, start 'MO Operation. Report Several Stops' (PMS435).

  8. Enter your individual card number.

    If you have a bar code reader, you can use it to read the number from your ID card.

  9. Enter a unique number for the report ID and operation type. Press Enter.

    If you select a number by using F4, the field for operation type is automatically filled in.

  10. Verify the information that is displayed on panel B.

    Information about the current report ID is displayed on panel B. You can view the employee for which the operations were intended, when the operations started and were reported, and how long the operations took to complete.

    For each individual operation, you can view, among other things, the operation's reporting number and planned number of units.

    When the operation is reported, the time is divided between the operations based on a predetermined percentage.

    If you have performed three operations in four hours, it can, for example, be anticipated that the first operation will take 50% of the total time (in this case two hours), and the second and third operations 25% of the total time each (in this case one hour each).

  11. Verify the percentages. If necessary, change them in the percent fields. Open the fields by pressing F17=Open percent.

  12. If necessary, report any discarded material directly in the table. The reason for scrapping can be entered.

  13. Approve a single operation by selecting option 14=Confirm, or approve all the displayed operations by selecting F14=Confirm all.

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