Start and Stop Registering Labor Time for an Operation

This document explains how, on the workshop level, you report the start and stop of labor time for one or more operations. Labor time is both run time and setup time. The document also explains how, in connection with stop, you report the number of manufactured units and the number of discarded units.


The data entry of time begins when you start an operation. In addition, the operation's status is raised to 60 (Started).

Data entry ceases when you stop an operation. The operation's time is calculated automatically, and the number of manufactured units and the number of discarded units are updated. The operation's status is raised to 70 (Partially reported).

If you stop the last operation for a manufacturing order, the status for all the partial operations and the manufacturing order are raised to 90 (Completed), and WIP (work in process) is updated.

describes how M3 is affected.

If there are several operations remaining on a manufacturing order, then one of them is the next operation that will be carried out. Stopped operations are validated and authorized in 'MO Operation. Open Reported' (PMS400). The information can then be transferred to the payroll system and is the foundation for the payment of salaries. This information is also used for material follow-up.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. You can start and stop the entry of time for an operation in two ways:

    • If you want you go directly into the programs, continue with the next step.
    • If you want to start from the schedule, Start 'Work Center Schedule. Open' (PMS230/E).
  2. Select one of the following alternatives, then enter your individual card number:

    • If you want to start the entry of setup time, start 'MO Operation. Report Setup Start' (PMS425/E).
    • If you want to stop the entry of setup time, start 'MO Operation. Report Setup Stop' (PMS426/E).
    • If you want to start the entry of man-hours, start 'MO Operation. Report Work Start' (PMS420/E).
    • If you want to stop the entry of man-hours, start 'MO Operation. Report Work Stop' (PMS421/E).
  3. Start 'Work Center Schedule. Open' (PMS230/E). Select a shortcut option.

    • Start work setup=option 40
    • Stop work setup=option 41
    • Start work on operation=option 42
    • Stop work on operation=option 43
  4. Enter your individual card number.

    If you have a bar code reader, you can use it to read the number from your ID card.

  5. Enter the reporting number in the following ways:

    If you started the data entry via the schedule, the reporting number is already filled in.

  6. Enter the reporting number or press F4 to start 'Work Center Schedule. Open' (PMS230/E) where you can select the desired operation.

    Scan in the reporting number from the labor ticket with a bar code reader.

  7. If the data entry will apply for a complete work group, enter the work group's unique name.

  8. If necessary, change the date and time of day for the operation.

  9. Specify the machine that will be used or was used for the operation in the Resource field, if applicable.

  10. If the operation reporting refers to a specific production lot, enter the production lot number.

  11. Press Enter.

    The start and stop of entry of setup time, as well as start of run time, is now carried out.

    If you want to stop the entry of run time, open 'MO Operation. Report Work Stop' (PMS421/F). Continue to the next step in the instruction.

  12. Verify the information on the panel and change it if necessary.

    • If the manufactured quantity is not the same as the planned quantity, enter the correct quantity.

      If you entered a production lot number, the proposed quantity is retrieved from the production lot number and not from the operation.

    • If the operation should be marked as completed, even though the reported quantity falls short of the planned quantity, you must fill in the field for the completion flag.

      The completion flag is automatically set if the reported quantity is equal to or exceeds the planned quantity.

    • If you discarded units during the operation, enter the number of scraped units and the reason for scrapping.

      Note that the scraped units are included in the reported quantity.

    • If the reporting does not take place in real time, the date and time must be changed.

      Specific authorization is required for this step.

  13. Press Enter. The data entry of labor hours on the operation is now stopped.

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