Validate and Attest Operation Time

This document explains how you validate, if necessary change, and authorize reported and finished operations.


Stopped operations are finished and authorized.

Reported operations can be copied to the payroll file CREETR with 'MO Operation. Transfer to Op Stats/PAY' (PMS460).

By using 'MO Operation. Transfer to Op Stats/PAY' (PMS460), you can close or retain the transferred operations in production. Moved operations are listed in 'MO Operation. Display Transactions' (PMS095) and in the production statistics.

You can print out routing with 'MO Operation. Print per Day' (PMS450).

MWOPTR is always updated in connection with authorization.

If times and/or quantities are changed, MWOOPE, MITLOC and MITTRA are also updated.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'MO Operation. Open Reported' (PMS400).

    Perform selection of operations

  2. Select an sorting order.

    The instruction starts from view 1= Facility, employee number. You can also select 2=Facility, planning area, 3=Facility, department or 4=Facility, product number, order number.

  3. Select the employee that you want check.

  4. Select a range for start date for the operations you want view.

  5. Select which operation types you want view.

    The instruction starts from operation type 1=Labor time - run. You can also select 2=Labor time – setup, 3=Machine time, 4=Machine time – setup or 5=Down time.

    Leave the field blank if you want all operations types presented.

  6. Select the 'Only open' check box if you only want to view started operations.

    Validate number of units and start time

  7. To change the manufactured number of units, discarded number of units or finish date, open the record (by double clicking the current operation) to open the E panel. Make changes and press Enter.

  8. To change the start time, select option 20=Change date/time on the B panel to open the G panel. Fill in the desired start time and press Enter.

  9. If an operation has not been completed in connection with a stop, go to 'MO Operation. Report' (PMS070) and mark the field for close.

    Authorize one or several operations

  10. Authorize operations in one of the following ways:

    • If you want to authorize all the presented transactions, press F14=Approve all.
    • If you want to authorize each operation individually, mark the operation and select option 9=Approve.
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