Transfer Time Balances in Time and Attendance

This document explains how you transfer the time that either exceeds or falls under the maximum and minimum allowances for a particular time balance.


Times that exceed the maximum balance allowance are deleted and times that fall short of the minimum allowance are connected to a time type with a pay element to be withdrawn from the employee's salary.

If needed, you have also printed a report with information about the updated time balances for each employee. You do this in 'Time Type. Print Balance' (TMS585).

Whether you choose to delete excess times or transfer times that fall under the minimum allowance, the MTMSEM and MTMPBL files are updated.

If you specify a time type in the 'Create time type' field, the MTMTR1 file is updated.

This functionality allows you to regulate balance limits.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Time Balance . Transfer' (TMS850).

    The E panel is displayed.

  2. Select one of these options:

    • To delete times that exceed the maximum limit for the balance, continue to step 3.
    • To connect the times that fall short of the minimum limit to a time type with a pay element to be withdrawn from the employee's salary, enter date in 'Schedule date' field and enter a report layout. For further details, see process description below.
  3. To delete excess times, enter the selection of employees, departments, planning areas and employee groups for which you wish to adjust times exceeding the maximum limit.

  4. Enter the ID of the balance you want to adjust.

  5. Enter '999.99' in the 'Maximum balance' field.

    This value indicates the highest value a balance can have. By specifying this value, you are insuring that no balance will be adjusted according to its highest value.

  6. Enter a value in the 'Minimum balance' field.

    Any times that fall short of this value will be connected to the time type you specify in the 'Create time type' field and will be drawn from the employee's pay.

  7. Enter a balance from which you wish to retrieve times to this balance in the 'Get time from balance' field (optional).

  8. Enter a time type to which times that fall under the minimum limit will be connected.

    This time type must be connected to a pay element in order for the time to be deducted from the employee's pay.

  9. Enter the date for which the time type is to be created in the 'Schedule date' field.

    This field is only used if you connect the time to a time type in the 'Create time type' field.

  10. Enter a report layout (required), report contents and text (optional). Press Enter.

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