View and Adjust Time Balances in Time and Attendance

This document explains how you view and, if necessary, adjust time balances.

Time balances are continuously updated when transactions that are connected to a balance are calculated. The sum of an employee's balance can be viewed in 'Time Balance . Update Time YTD' (TMS251). Balances can also be viewed as well as adjusted per period in 'Time Balance . Update per Period' (TMS256).


Time balances are viewed and if necessary, adjusted.

If needed, you have also printed a report with information about updated time balances for each employee. You do this in 'Time Type. Print Balance' (TMS585).

When time balances are changed, the MTMPBL and MTMSEM files are updated. When you update a balance in TMS255 it is automatically updated in TMS250.

This functionality allows you to check that an employee does not exceed balance limits or to check one's own balances.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Time Balance . Update Time YTD' (TMS251).

    The B panel is displayed.

  2. Select the sorting order that best meets your viewing needs.

    The following sorting orders are valid: 1 = Employee number, 2 = Department, 3 = Planning area.

  3. To view time balances, select the record you wish to view and press Show to display the details. Press Enter to exit the E panel.

  4. If you find that a time balance must be adjusted, go to step 5.

    Note: It is possible to change time balances in 'Time Balance . Update Time YTD' (TMS251) but that it is NOT recommended since the time balance is then disconnected from its period. Follow the steps below to adjust time balances.
  5. To adjust time balances, start 'Time Balance . Update per Period' (TMS256).

    The B panel is displayed.

  6. Select the time balance that you want to adjust and click Open.

    The E panel is displayed.

  7. Change the period balance for the time balance. Press Enter to save the changes.

    Note: When the 'Period balance' field is updated, the value in the 'Calculated time' field in 'Time Balance . Update Time YTD' (TMS251) will automatically be updated.
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