Delete Clocked Transaction History in Time and Attendance

This document explains how you delete clocked transactions found in the history file.


A selection of history transactions is deleted. Transactions are deleted from the MTMHS1, MTMHS2 and MTMHS3 files.

The results can be viewed in 'Clock In/Out Transaction. Display Copy' (TMS600), 'Clock In/Out Transaction. Display History' (TMS610), 'Clock In/Out Transaction. Display Daily History' (TMS615) and 'Calculated Time. Display Approved' (TMS630).

By deleting excess history transactions you can increase the performance of your system to some degree.

Before you start

Transactions for deletion must have been transferred to history and a payroll system via 'Approved Time. Transfer to Pay/History' (TMS800).

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Clock In/Out Transaction. Delete History' (TMS690).

    The E panel is displayed.

  2. Make a selection of departments, planning areas, employees (all optional) and schedule dates (required) that the transactions must contain to be deleted. Press Enter to delete the transactions.

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