Reverse Calculated Times in Time and Attendance

This document explains how you reverse calculated times by entering a schedule date and a selection of employees.

You do this if you want to recalculate times for a selection that is already included in a time calculation. By reversing the times you can do a new calculation without having old times left in the background.


All calculated times that belong to the schedule dates and the specified selection of employees have been reversed. This means that:

All transactions that were clocked during the time period remain however.

For more information on the files affected see Calculating Times in Time and Attendance.

Adjust if necessary the clocked transactions and/or the settings that are the basis for the reversed times. An example of reversal is defining another time period for a particular flex schedule. Then, calculate time. For more information, see Calculating Times in Time and Attendance.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Clock In/Out Transaction. Reverse' (TMS420/E).

  2. Enter the from and to schedule dates between which calculated times are to be deleted.

    You can use the latest date that times were calculated for the end date.

  3. Enter, if necessary, a selection of employees whose times you wish to reverse. Press Enter.

    You can select per department, planning area, employee number and/or employee group.

    All calculated times that belong to the specified time period and your selection of employees will be reversed. If you choose not to make a selection of employees, all calculated times within the company will be reversed for the specified time period.

  4. Press F3 to exit the program.

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