Recalculating Activities in Time and Attendance

This document explains the two ways of recalculating activity times in Time and Attendance. The need to recalculate activities generally arises when you have adjusted incorrect activity transactions.


Activity times are recalculated and totaled for further review. The MTMPRE and MTMPRD files are updated.

Calculated activity times can be reviewed to get an overview of time spent on tasks other than normal work tasks.

Before you start

Follow These Steps


  1. Recalculate Individual Activities

    Adjusted activity transactions can be recalculated individually in 'Time Activity. Report' (TMS260).

  2. Recalculate a Selection of Activities

    You can perform a calculation run in 'Calculated Time. Generate for Activity' (TMS405) that will recalculate several activities according to the selection you make.

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