Handling Activities in Time and Attendance

This document explains how activities are reported, adjusted, recalculated and reviewed in Time and Attendance.


Activities are reported, adjusted and recalculated (if necessary) and reviewed.

If needed, you have also printed a report with information about activities in 'Time Activity. Print' (TMS580).

For details on how the system is affected, see documents listed in the See Also section.

You can track time spent for activities other than regular work tasks to help insure a more representative time record. Activities can also be transferred to a payroll system by connecting the activity's time type to a pay element in order to be included in a payroll run.

Before you start

Activities must have been defined. See Define Activity in Time and Attendance.

Follow These Steps

  1. Report Activities

    This activity is used to clock in and out activities that lie outside of the employee's ordinary work tasks (for example, union meetings). These activities are nonetheless to be counted as attendance time.

    You report activities in 'Time Activity. Clock-In' (TMS002) and 'Time Activity. Clock-Out' (TMS003). They are then automatically calculated.

  2. Adjust Activities

    If you find incorrectly reported or calculated time activities, you can use this activity to adjust the activity transactions. Use 'Time Activity. Report' (TMS260) to adjust incorrect activities.

  3. Recalculating Activities

    If you have adjusted incorrect activities, the previous calculation will be incorrect. You must therefore recalculate these activity transactions. You can recalculate individual activity transactions in 'Time Activity. Report' (TMS260) or a selection of activities in 'Calculated Time. Generate for Activity' (TMS405).

  4. Review Activities

    You can review activities to get an overview of how much time your employees spend on activities other than their normal work tasks. You can use one of the following programs to review activities: 'Calculated Time. Approve On-screen' (TMS230), 'Calculated Time. Update' (TMS220), 'Time Activity. Report' (TMS260) or 'Time Activity. Print' (TMS580).

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