Run Time in Time and Attendance


Run time is a time that is of a particular length and refers to a particular type of operation or work conducted by employees. The length of time is determined by when an employee enters a start and end time for the operation. In the same way, employees specify the type of operation when starting or ending the operation.


Operations are not clocked or calculated in Time and Attendance but rather in the ‘MOP’ component group.

By specifying a time type for the run time in the ‘Time type run time’ field in 'Person. Open' (CRS530), you can see run times after they are calculated in ‘MOP’ in 'Calculated Time. Approve On-screen' (TMS230).

Run times can act as a compliment to activities, which are mainly used for describing time spent on activities that lie outside normal work tasks (union meetings, for example). Run times on the hand are mainly used to measure time spent on activities that lie within the ordinary work tasks (assembly, product packing, etc.). In ‘Time and Attendance’ you can compare attendance time to operation times (in TMS230) in order to see how employees spend their workdays.