Create Employee Group in Time and Attendance

This document explains how you create an identity for a group of employees. Employee groups are used to control time calculations.


An employee group that corresponds to a company-specific classification of employees has been created. Employee groups are stored in the CSYTAB file.

Employee groups are used to classify employees and control time calculations.

You connect employees to employee groups in 'Person. Open' (CRS530).

An employee group is connected to a time type, work hour group and time period in 'Work Hour Group. Connect Time Type' (TMS110). This means that, under certain conditions, overtime and miscellaneous time are calculated.

You connect employee groups to a time type, a work hour group, an absence type and a time period in 'Absence Type. Connect Time Type' (TMS140). This means that time for which compensation is paid is calculated under certain conditions despite the fact that an employee clocks absence time.

Before you start

The starting conditions listed in Creating Time Rules, Time Balances and Employee Groups in Time and Attendance must be met.

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Employee Group Time and Attendance. Open' (TMS120).

  2. Enter an identity for the employee group you wish to create on the B panel. Press New.

    The identity can consist of up to three alphanumerical characters.

  3. Enter a name and description of the employee group on the E panel.

  4. Press Enter to save the employee group.

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