Create Time Balance in Time and Attendance

This document explains how you create an identity for a time balance in the Time and Attendance component group. The balance can then be used for viewing flextime, compensation time and overtime.


A time balance identity is created. The time balance identity is stored in the MTMSFD file. When balances are updated or changed, period balances are stored in the MTMPBL file and annual balances in the MTMSEM file.

Time balances are primarily used for viewing flex, compensation and overtime balances for employees and departments.

The balance can be used in two ways, as a period balance or an annual balance. Period balances are updated and maintained in 'Time Balance . Update per Period' (TMS256). Annual balances are automatically updated each time a period balance is changed. Annual balances can be reviewed in 'Time Balance . Update Time YTD' (TMS251). Period and annual balances are updated per department or employee.

You connect time balances to time types in 'Time Type. Open' (TMS100).

The starting conditions listed in Creating Time Rules, Time Balances and Employee Groups in Time and Attendance must be met.

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Time Balance . Open' (TMS115).

  2. Enter an identity for the balance you want to create on the B panel. Press New.

  3. Enter a description and name for the balance on the E panel.

  4. Press Enter to save the time balance.

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