Copying Quality Test Results

Typically, quality tests and test results for bulk items are inherited by the related packaged items in order to print the Certificate of Analysis. Refer to Inheriting Specifications.

However, the timing of inheritance may result in the test results of a bulk item becoming available after the finished good (i.e. the packaged item) is reported out. For this circumstance, it is required that the test results be copied from one quality inspection (QI) request to another.

A similar requirement arises from a situation where multiple lots are produced from the same item batch. In this case, you may prefer to not re-run some or all of the quality tests for the lot. Instead, you decide to copy test results from one QI request for a given item/lot to another lot.

Before you start

The setup conditions outlined in Quality Tests, Sets and Specifications must be met.


A Certificate of Analysis is generated as a result of test results being copied from one QI request to another.

Follow these steps

Copy Test Results

  1. Start 'Test Results. Create Copy' (QMS450).

  2. On the A panel, select the Facility and enter additional criteria:

    • Enter a QI request ID


      Enter the Item/Lot for a lot-controlled item. If it is not lot-controlled, enter the Item only.

    • Enter the Specification.
  3. Click Next to navigate to the E panel.

  4. Under the 'Copy to' section, enter the target information in order to copy the test results:

    • If you enter a target QI request in the 'To QI request ID' field, the Item and Lot is populated automatically and cannot be changed.
    • Alternately, you may enter the target item number in the 'To item number' field and the 'To lot number' field (for a lot-controlled item).
  5. The system will copy the test results for the same item into a different lot in the circumstances where it is determined that other lots of the same item should have the same test results.


    Test results from one item/lot will be copied to a different item/lot in the case where a bulk item's test results are copied to the related finished good.

Function program for copying test results

The QMS450Fnc function program includes this operation:

MI transactions

The QI request has this MI transaction:

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