Combine Planned Orders

This document explains how you may combine planned manufacturing orders (MOs) with the same order type.


The planning process allows for the selection of planned orders to be combined.

Note: The system prevents consolidated orders from being combined.

See Consolidate and Release Planned Manufacturing Orders for more information on the planned order consolidation functionality.

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Planned MO. Consolidate' (PMS172).

  2. On the B panel, select the orders with the corresponding warehouse and product data, from the grid.

  3. Select Actions > Combine planned orders.

  4. On 'Planned MO. Combine' (PMS173), you may indicate the setting for the Finish date by selecting Actions > Settings:

    1. From the Finish date field, select Earliest to choose the order with the earliest finish date, or select Latest to use the latest finish date among the combined orders.

  5. Return to the E panel, and update the Process field and/or Finish date, if desired.

    Note: If you update the Finish date, the system validates it using the Process date range.
  6. Click Next to save your changes.

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