Quality Management System (QMS) Setup for Attributes

In order for the Quality Management System (QMS) to function properly, there is setup required to enable quality processing in transactions by associating quality controlled attributes to items or items/lots.

Note: These item attributes and their values are visible in the 'Attribute Value. Connect to' (ATS010) program.

Before you start

The setup conditions outlined in Managing Quality Control must be met.

Note: This functionality is available only if the '407 Quality Management' field in 'Company. Connect Division' (MNS100/K) has been defined as 'Quality management system'.


When a customer order (CO) is added/updated, the system calls the QMS701Fnc function program to automatically attach any quality specifications that need to be attached to each CO line. Based on the attribute linked to the specification test attached, the line will have attributes that will filter the lots at the time of allocation and picking. Only those lots that match the test requirements will be available for selection, ensuring the degree of quality that the customer requested at the time of order entry.

Attributes can be used when configuring the purchase model for specific settlement requirements, such as defining the markup to be applied to a purchase order (PO) at receipt. For additional information, see these documents:

Refer to Order Specifications and Tests for more details on how quality controlled attributes affect the process of attaching specifications and tests to the item on each order line.

Setting up QMS settings in Attributes

Enable QMS-related Attribute Settings

  1. Open 'Attribute. Open' (ATS010).

  2. On the E panel, select the 'Attribute type' field value that is compatible with the quality test type for which the attribute will be used.

    Note: If the 'Attribute type' field is set to '1 - Alphanumeric', the attribute can be used for the qualitative type of test. The setting of '2 - Numeric' indicates that the attribute can be used for quantitative tests or numeric qualitative tests.
  3. When the 'Quality controlled' check box is enabled, the 'Controlling object' drop-down field includes these selectable options:

    • 1 (Balance identity) - this option is applicable for quality tests that will be retested at the balance ID level.
    • 2 (Lot master) - this option should be used for standard tests or for tests at pre-shipment.
    Note: All other 'Controlling object' field values will be invalid in this case.
  4. Save your changes.

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