Auto-attaching Specifications to Orders

Orders (manufacturing orders, purchase orders, customer orders, distribution orders) may need specifications for an item to ensure a certain level of quality as demanded by a customer, country, facility, or required for a manufacturer, supplier, and so forth.

Details are available to the Quality Management System (QMS) to automatically attach the specifications, tests, and quality controlled attributes to an order line whenever an item requiring specifications is added to an order. The data must be previously added to the database as part of QMS setup. The setup of an item includes specifications, tests, and quality controlled attributes with an expected range of values or target values which are copied to become a local set of quality requirements for the order.

Before you start

The setup conditions outlined in Quality Tests, Sets and Specifications must be met.


There is a function program (QMS701Fnc) that automatically attaches the order specification(s), the order specification test(s), and the quality-controlled order attribute(s) based on all valid specification entities for the requested order.

If the same specification exists for an item and for a quality group, the item specification takes precedence over the quality group specification.

The Order Specification (QMSOSP) table holds the transaction data for purchase, customer, distribution and/or manufacturing orders where specifications are required for the order items.

The Order Specification Test (QMSOTS) table contains the transaction data associated with the specification test(s) for a particular purchase, customer, distribution, or manufacturing order.

The Order Attributes (MOATTR) table stores data only in instances where quality controlled attributes are added for the order specification tests.

Processes for automatically attaching specifications to orders

The QMS701Fnc function program includes these operations:

  1. The AutoAttachSpec operation manages the process of searching through specifications in the Order Specifications (QMSOSP) table using the defined criteria and then auto-attaching specifications to the lines of manufacturing orders (MO), customer orders (CO), distribution orders (DO), or purchase orders (PO) based on all valid specification entities for each requested order. This operation also inserts the applicable tests into the Order Specification Test (QMSOTS) table. In addition, the Quality Controlled (QC) Attributes, which apply for the defined criteria, are added to the Order Attributes (MOATTR) table.

    Note: For each Reference Order Category (MO, CO, DO, or PO), there is also a collection of Inherited Specs.

    See Inheriting Specifications.

  2. For a specific order and order line, the AutoDeleteSpec operation deletes the order specifications from the Order Specification (QMSOSP) table, the order spec tests from the Order Specifications Test (QMSOTS) table, as well as the related QC attributes from the Order Attributes (MOATTR) table.

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