Language Enablement

This document describes the process for entering certain field descriptions in alternate languages in various master record programs in the Quality Management System (QMS). This functionality is particularly useful in instances where the system is implemented in multiple countries.

After a master record is created in a base language, you have the ability to update the record by entering an alternate description in one or more additional languages. This functionality is available on fields that have a Language button positioned next to them.


You are able to enter text in other languages in any enabled fields in these QMS programs:

Program Name and ID Language-enabled Fields
'Qualitative Values. Open' (QMS001) Description (for qualitative code)
'Numeric Qualitative Values. Open' (QMS003) Description (for numeric qualitative code)
'Test Classification. Open' (QMS004) Description (for test classification code)
'Sample Type. Open' (QMS005) Description (for sample type code)
'Industry Standard. Open' (QMS006) Description (for industry standard code)
'Quality Group. Open' (QMS007) Description (for quality group code)
'Quality Reason Code. Open' (QMS008) Description (for quality reason code)
'Laboratory. Open' (QMS011) Description (for laboratory code)
'Measurement Method. Open' (QMS012) Description (for measurement method code)
'Measurement Instrument. Open' (QMS013) Description (for measurement instrument code)
'Test Template. Open' (QMS100) Description (for test template)
'Specification. Open' (QMS200) Description (for specification)

Before you start

Before you can begin to enter alternate language text in applicable fields, the languages to be used must be entered in the program 'Language. Open' (CRS010).

Follow these steps

Enable an alternate language in a field

  1. To enter a field value in alternate language(s) when updating records in any of the applicable programs (listed above):

    • Find the desired record and select Options > Change.
  2. Click the Language button that is next to the language-enabled field to launch the Language Handling. Open (CRS830) program.

  3. On the B panel, select the language from the Lng field and enter the corresponding text for the field.

  4. Save your changes.

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