Viewing All Specifications for an Item

The 'Specification. View All for Item' (QMS230) program provides the capability to retrieve the specifications associated with a selected item. You can enter field values in the header portion of the program to jump to the desired point in the list.

In addition, the system allows you to view all of the items assigned to a particular Quality group. On 'Quality Group. Open' (QMS007), select the Related option 'Associated Items' to open a browse window that displays all the items in a particular quality group.

Caution: Lot-controlled items should not be placed in the same Quality group with items that are not lot-controlled, as is also the case with packaged and bulk items not being grouped together.

Follow these steps

View Specifications Associated with an Item

  1. Start 'Specification. View All for Item' (QMS230).

    Note: You can access QMS230 by using the Related option 'Specification, View All for Item' on programs such as 'Specification' (QMS200), 'Specification Test' (QMS201), 'Specification Entities' (QMS210), 'Propagate Specification Data to QI Request' (QMS220).
  2. Enter the Item.

  3. If you also want to see the specifications inherited from the related bulk item, select the 'Include inherited specs for bulk item' check box.

    See the document Inheriting Specifications for further information.

  4. If the 'Include inherited specs for bulk item' check box is selected, enter the Facility.

  5. Select the desired Sorting order (1-Quality group, Item or 2-Item, Quality group).

  6. Click Apply to retrieve the search results.

QMS230Fnc program

This function program (QMS301Fnc) displays:

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