Redistribute Bulk

This document explains the process of bulk redistribution in Process Manufacturing.


Bulk redistribution involves apportioning bulk quantities from parent manufacturing orders to child orders for costing purposes.

Catch Weight Items

Standard Items

The workflow of bulk redistribution for a process manufacturing order varies slightly from that of a pack MO. This diagram illustrates how bulk redistribution comes into play:

Before you start

The bulk redistribution process can be started when these prerequisites are met.

Follow these steps

  1. On the B panel of 'Manufacturing Order. Open' (PMS100), highlight a row in the grid with the desired product.

    Note: To redistribute bulk material, the selected manufacturing order (MO) must be a process order or a pack order.
  2. Select Related > Bulk Redistribution (or CTRL+49).

  3. When 'Manufacturing Order. Redistribute Bulk' (PMS155) launches, these field values default:

    • Facility
    • Product
    • MO number
    • Process code
    • Current quantity (bulk quantity that is available for redistribution based on an existing MO receipt or issue transactions)
    • Redistribution status
    • Bulk equivalent received (total bulk quantity that corresponds to the pack quantities on the receipts for the related child pack order)
    • Reserved bulk (the cumulative bulk quantity for a pack MO that has been reserved for packing on its child orders)
    • Issued bulk (the bulk quantity issued for a pack MO to manufacture packs on its child orders)
    • Difference (the Reserved bulk quantity less the Issued bulk quantity)
  4. If you want to perform an interim bulk redistribution, Select Actions > Redistribute.

  5. If you are ready to finalize the bulk redistribution, Select Actions > Perform Final Redistribution.

  6. If you need to perform bulk redistribution after the final redistribution action, select Actions > Reopen.

    Note: The 'MO status' (MHST) field must be less than 90-'Order ready for cost follow-up' to reopen for redistribution.
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