Issue Materials

This document explains how to issue materials to a manufacturing order (MO). The methods of issue determine when and how the issues of material to manufacturing orders or work orders are reported.


Material may be issued in several ways:

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. From the B panel of 'Manufact Order. Open' (PMS100), highlight a product in the grid.

    Right-click and select Related Options > Manufact Order. Report Issue (CTRL+52). The B1 panel of 'Manufact Order. Report Issue’ (PMS060) opens. Continue to step 6 to specify values on the B1 panel.


    Launch 'Manufact Order. Report Issue' (PMS060) directly. The A panel opens.

  2. On the A panel of PMS060, select the 'Report child orders' check box to report issue for the parent order and its associated process child orders or pack child orders. If the check box is not selected, only the parent order is reported.

    Note: When this check box is selected, the system validates that the MO entered is a parent order in the Order Relationship (MWPREL) table.
  3. Specify a product in the Product field.

  4. Click the right arrow on the MO number field to select the desired order number from the Browse window.

  5. Click Next to go to the B1 panel.

  6. Update the desired fields, such as Report quantity and other details associated with the order(s) that appear in the grid.

  7. Click Next to save your changes for the material issue. The issue of material is now reported.

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