Lot Status Approval Process via Put-away

This document explains the process of approving lots via the Put-away functionality when the Next Action field on the Quality Inspection (QI) Request (QMS300) indicates that the lot is to be reclassified once testing is complete.

Refer to Quality Approval Rules and Process for details on the lot approval settings defined in the Quality Plan (QMS009).


If the Lot auto-approval setting on the Quality Plan (QMS009) is enabled, the system automatically will route to the corresponding Put-away program (depending if it is a purchase order, manufacturing order, or customer order) for lot approval after entering the test results. If the check box is not selected, the lot approval must be entered by manually opening the applicable Put-away program.

On the QI Request (QMS300) or Test Results (QMS400) programs, the system provides a Related option for put-away when the Next Action field for the QI request is set to '2 - Reclassify'.

The Put-away program that opens depends on the Reference order category on the QI request:

As a result of the lot status being updated in the MITLOC table during put-away, the system changes the Next Action field value on the QI request to '3 - Finalize' which indicates that no further QI request transactions are required.

Before you start

The 407 Quality module field on the K panel of 'Company. Connect Division' (MNS100) must be defined as '1 - Quality management system'.

The setup conditions outlined in Managing Quality Control must be met.

Follow these steps

Approve lots through the Put-away process

  1. Start 'QI Request. Open' (QMS300).

  2. Select the Change option to access the B panel and enter any of the various search field values to find the desired QI request.

  3. Click Apply to retrieve the search results.

  4. Update the item and lot information as required.

  5. If the Next Action field is set to '2 - Reclassify', select Related > Quality-inspected Item. Put-away to go to the appropriate program based on the Reference order category (i.e. PO, MO or CO) of the QI request.

  6. After the lot status is updated in the put-away program and you return to QMS300, set the Next Action field to '3 - Finalize'.

  7. Save your changes.

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