Quality Management System (QMS) and Its Impact on the Processing of Customer Order Returns

Customer order (CO) returns may require inspection for any associated quality-controlled items to ensure those returned items meet the specified level of quality.

The system allows the customer to return all or a portion of the same line, as well as a combination of different order lines.


For lot-controlled items that require put-away as a result of the CO return process, a QI request is created based on the settings defined in the Quality Plan (QMS009), as well as the quantities allocated on the Customer Return (OIS392).

Before you start

The setup conditions for the Quality plan, as outlined in Managing Quality Control, must be met.

The setup of an item includes specifications and tests, as well as quality controlled attributes with an expected range of values or target values which are copied to become a local set of quality requirements for the items on the CO return.

Refer to these documents: Quality Tests, Sets and Specifications and Quality Management System (QMS) Setup for Attributes for further details.

Note: There is the assumption that the CO return is created in a facility whose division has the '407 Quality Management' field set to enable the Quality Management System (QMS).

Follow these steps

Process CO returns with QMS functionality

  1. Create QI requests for CO returns based on the Quality plan.

    1. Open 'QI Request. Open' (QMS300).

    2. Select the Create or Change option.

    3. On the A panel, enter the identifier for the item receipt in the 'Receiving no.' field. Also, enter the Return line in the adjacent field to the right.

      Note: A QI request also can be created automatically via the QMS800Fnc program.
    4. To access the put-away function for CO returns, select Related > Put-away (or CTRL+13).

    5. Alternately, after entering results in 'QI Test Results. Open' (QMS400), select Related > Put-away (or CTRL+14) for the items on the return.

    6. Save your changes.

  2. Update CO returns based on the QI request.

    1. In 'Customer Order. Open Toolbox' (OIS300), select Related > Customer Return.


      Open 'Customer Return. Open' (OIS390). On the E panel, enter/update values that defaulted from the warehouse for which the return is entered. Press Enter.

    2. Open 'Customer Return. Open Lines' (OIS391).

    3. Enter the items that were returned.

    4. Enter the correct Advised and Returned quantities.

    5. Enter the location and lot and ensure that the Status value is 22 (Quantity received) or 12 (Quantity advised and partly received).

    6. Click Next to call the QMS300Fnc (QI request) program and to open 'Customer Return. Display Inspect Result' (OIS392).

    7. On the E panel of OIS392, enter the appropriate quantity values (i.e. Rejected, Approved, Returned, etc.).

      Note: In the header section, the status must be either 12 or 22.
    8. If the QI Approval status is approved and there is no rejected quantity, enter the distribution of returned goods.

      Note: The system will prevent you from entering the returned goods if the QI request status is released or in process.
    9. Save your changes.

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