Calculated Quality Tests

This document details the process of modeling tests whose values are calculated from other quantitative test values using standard and scientific operators. The system provides the capability to define a test as calculated and also allows the assignment of a formula that may contain other tests as part of the equation. At the time test results are entered, the tests with a formula will substitute the variables with the test results of those tests used in the formula and hence compute the test result for the calculated test.

For more information on formulas, see Formula.


After a test template has been defined as calculated and then associated with a formula, a quality inspection (QI) request is created with a specification that has a calculated test. The actual values for the calculated test(s) are used as inputs to the corresponding formula variables in order to calculate the final test results.

The QMS702Fnc program has an operation that calculates the test status. The system updates the QI Request Test (QMSRQT) table with the correct formula operator and actual value when the test types are either quantitative or numeric qualitative or when the test result is qualitative.

When test result values are added or updated, the records are stored in the Test Results (QMSTRE) table.

Before you start

Follow these steps

Set up formula/lines, test template, QI request, and specify test results:

  1. Create a formula and formula lines.

    1. Start 'Formula. Open' (CRS570).

    2. On the E panel, specify a Formula identifier.

    3. Specify a description.

    4. In the Responsible field, specify the User ID of the person managing the formula.

    5. Specify a value for each hierarchy (1-5).

    6. To create a quality test formula, select '6 - Test' in one of the Hierarchy fields.

    7. Select Related > Formula Lines.

    8. In 'Formula Lines. Open' (CRS575), select the Create option to navigate to the E panel.

    9. On each line in the grid that applies to a quality test, specify a '6' in the Ftp (Factor type) column to indicate the factor is for Quality Test.

    10. Press F4 in the Factor 1 column to select the specific test name.

      Note: You can specify other types (0, 1, 2, etc.) to indicate other factor types to complete the formula line.
    11. Specify the desired operator.

    12. Specify the Result ID.

    13. Repeat steps i to l for each line in the formula.

    14. In the Negative results field, select the appropriate value to indicate how negative calculations results are treated.

    15. In the Rounding-off multiple field, specify the rounding multiple to be used for the calculated value.

      Note: If the rounding multiple is used, the calculated value will be rounded off so that it is always divisible with the rounding multiple. For example, if the calculated value is 75 and the rounding multiple is 100, the result after rounding off will be 100. If the calculated value is 75 and the rounding multiple is 10, the value after rounding off will be 80. This field also can be used to round off a value to the correct number of decimal places, by entering a multiple such as 0.1, 0.001, etc.
    16. Click Next to return to the B panel of 'Formula Lines. Open' (CRS575).

    17. Press F3 to exit (CRS575) and press F3 again in (CRS570) to save your changes to the formula model.

  2. Create or update a test template that has a calculated test and associate the test with a formula.

    1. Start 'Test Template. Open' (QMS100).

    2. Specify the required fields.

    3. On the E panel, select the Calculated test check box.

    4. In the Formula field, specify a Formula ID.

    5. Save your changes.

  3. Create a QI request with a specification that has a calculated test.

    1. Start 'QI Request. Open' (QMS300).

    2. On the A panel, select the Create option.

    3. Specify the required fields.

    4. Click Next.

    5. In 'QI Request Spec Test. Open' (QMS302/E), select a test where the Calculated test check box is enabled and a Formula is assigned.

  4. Specify test results for the QI request.

    1. Start 'QI Test Results. Open' (QMS400).

    2. On the B1 panel, specify values in the desired search fields in the header.

    3. Click Apply.

    4. Highlight each desired test in the grid and enter the Test result value.

    5. Click Next to save your changes.

When the test results are saved, the system identifies all components of the calculated test and applies them to the associated formula(s). When the test results are computed, the system updates the Test Results (QMSTRE) table for each calculated test.

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