Quality Management System (QMS) and Its Impact on Distribution Order Receipts

Receipts of distribution orders (DO) may require inspection for any associated quality controlled items to ensure those received items meet the specified level of quality.

The 'Goods Receipt DO/RO. Report' (MWS440) program includes a system check to determine if the Quality Management System (QMS) is being used in the respective division. The QI request is used for testing a quality controlled item upon receipt.


There is a function program (QMS800Fnc) that creates a QI request for a quality controlled item on each DO receipt line when the DO test at receiving (QDOR) setting is enabled on the quality plan on the item at the warehouse level (QMS015).

The related tables are updated during the DO receipt process. The system saves the DO receipt record to the MITLOC (items per location) table with a status of '1 - Under inspection' and the on-hand balance for inspection is updated with the received quantity in the MITBAL (items per location) table.

Before you start

A quality plan for the item at the warehouse level must be defined for distribution orders. If the DO test at receiving check box is selected in 'Quality Plan Item Warehouse. Open' (QMS015), the QI request is created automatically upon receipt of a DO in the corresponding receiving warehouse. Otherwise, the QI request is not created in the receiving warehouse when a DO is received.

See Quality Plan for Item and Warehouse for more information on the QMS015 program.

The setup of an item includes specifications and tests, as well as quality controlled attributes with an expected range of values or target values which are copied to become a local set of quality requirements for the items on the DO receipt.

See Quality Tests, Sets and Specifications and Quality Management System (QMS) Setup for Attributes for further details.

Note: There is the assumption that the DO receipt is created in a facility whose division has the '407 Quality Management' field set to enable the Quality Management System (QMS).

Follow these steps

  1. Receive goods for the DO using 'Goods Receipt DO/RO. Report' (MWS440), as described in these documents, Distribution Order and Goods Receiving DO/RO Using Different Methods.

  2. After the receipt of goods has been finalized, the system performs these functions:

    • Auto-generate QI request (of the Retest of lot origin). This QI request includes specifications with the Retest DO receipt setting.
      Note: A Retest QI request cannot be created manually for specifications with the Retest DO receipt setting.
    • Test results may be copied from the shipping warehouse if the DO copy test results (QDCP) setting is enabled in 'Quality Plan Item Warehouse. Open' (QMS015) and the Copy DO results (CDOR) is set on 'Specification Test. Open' (QMS201). Refer to the document Quality Plan for Item and Warehouse.
    • Balance ID status is updated to 'under inspection'.
  3. Perform the retesting of any tests that currently have no results.

  4. Report those test results on 'QI Test Results. Open' (QMS400). The QI request is approved or rejected automatically based on the results.

  5. Put away inventory through 'Quality-inspected Item. Put away' (PMS130) which updates the Balance ID status to approved or rejected for each lot and location.


The QI request function program is called after a DO receipt has been specified through 'Goods Receipt DO/RO. Report' (MWS440). A new QI request is created in each instance when the associated quality plan on the item at the warehouse level (QMS015) has the DO test at receiving (QDOR) check box selected:

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