Quality Reinspection Plan

This document describes the setup of a quality reinspection plan. The settings include the number of days, hours, and minutes that are used to calculate the timing of the reinspection for a particular item in a warehouse.


Reinspection occurs when products have been in the warehouse for some time and the quality characteristics may have changed. Due to the nature of some products, the quality testing could vary depending on the amount of time that it has been in stock. For example, some products can start with a retest period of every 10 days, but as time passes, this retesting must occur more often. On the other hand, some other products are more stable and the retesting could occur at the same interval of time always (e.g. every 30 days).

In order to support both of these scenarios, the Quality Reinspection Plan is the means for defining a timetable for the testing periods. Testing is regulated by the Reinspection Plan timetable; however, the system permits test to be done before or after that particular time.

Note: After the reinspection date is calculated, the system populates that date into the 'Follow-up date' field in 'Item. Connect Warehouse' (MMS002/I).

The 'Quality Reinspection Plan. Open' (QMS014) program determines the timing of a reinspection to be conducted for the item, connected to a warehouse, that is specified in its associated quality plan (QMS015). The timing of the next QI request creation is determined by 'Reinspection generation basis' field and the system then follows the timetable on the reinspection plan.

In the 'Quality Plan. Open' (QMS009) program, there are reinspection-related settings:

If there is a manual intervention into the QI reinspection request schedule caused by the creation of a new QI request, the system resets the timetable based on the new QI request which was created manually. It also results in the replacement of the original follow-up reinspection request.

Canceling future QI requests when inventory is depleted

In the event that an item balance record in the MITLOC table has all quantities as zero, any retest QI requests scheduled in the future are canceled.

If the quality plan is set at the lot level, the system verifies there is no other location with that lot before canceling future QI requests. If the quality plan is set by balance ID, the system considers only the location that is driven to a zero quantity.

Follow these steps

Set up a Quality Reinspection Plan

  1. Start 'Quality Reinspection Plan. Open' (QMS014).

  2. On the B panel, specify a Reinspection ID and Sequence.

  3. Select Create.

  4. In the Details section of the E panel, specify the number of days, hours, and/or minutes that will be used to calculate the timing of the reinspection for a particular item in a warehouse.

  5. Click Next to save your changes.

QMS300Fnc program

When a QI request function program (QMS300fnc) is called, it creates a QI reinspection request with a QI request origin of 'Retest' and a request approval status of '0 - Pending'. The system calculates the Required date based on the timetable defined in the quality reinspection plan. See the document Setup of Quality Inspection (QI) Requests for more information.

If there is more than one QI request with the same origin, the newer one replaces the previous QI request. Therefore the older request assumes a status of 'Replaced'.

QMS702Fnc program

The QI auto-approval function program (QMS702Fnc) has logic to call the QI request function program (QMS300fnc) to generate the QI request if the Quality Plan has the 'Reinspection generation basis' (QARB) field set to '1 - Create next QI request at approval' and the 'QI request approval status' (QAPR) set to '1 - Approved' or '2 - Rejected'.

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