OEM Claim Processing

This document explains the process by which a dealer can create a claim against an OEM (original equipment manufacturer).

In this claim situation, a dealer submits a claim to an OEM and receives an agreed amount as reimbursement credit during the downstream settlement process. The use of a claim type and claim category in 'Warranty Claim. Open' (MOS750/B), designed specifically for the OEM claim process, ensures that the claim is processed correctly with the correct direction of reimbursement.


A claim using claim type 3 is successfully created and available for the downstream OEM claim settlement process. The claim can either be created manually or via API (ClaimsMI, transactions 'addclaimhead' and 'addclaimspec').

How the system is affected

The following tables are affected:

Before you start

The dealer will have identified a need to make a claim against an OEM.


  1. The conditions specified in Managing Warranty Agreements must be specified.

  2. A claim type with claim category 3 must be defined in (MOS740).

  3. The dealer must be set up as a customer in 'Customer. Open' (CRS610).

  4. A maintenance agreement must be defined for the dealer in 'Maintenance Agreement. Open' (COS410).

  5. The order type associated with the agreement should be of category '45 = OEM Claim Order'. This is defined in 'Maint CO Type. Open' (COS010).

  6. Prices must be defined on the maintenance agreement.

  7. Warranty and warranty details must be defined in 'Equipment. Connect Warranty' (MOS390).

Note:  In some cases, where the relationship between the OEM and dealer permits, it may be enough to only select generic warranty type in 'Warranty Type. Open' (MOS710) as opposed to specifying warranty details in (MOS390).

Follow these steps to manually create OEM claim header

  1. Open 'Warranty Claim. Open' (MOS750/B).

  2. Select sorting order = '1-Claim' or '60-Claim Type, Claim'

    1. If sorting order = '1-Claim' is selected, click 'Apply' followed by 'Create'. The default claim type must be later defined in the F panel.

    2. If sorting order = '60-Claim Type, Claim' is selected, specify 'claim type' with a claim category of 3 then click 'Apply' followed by 'Create'.

  3. E panel is displayed.

  4. Specify this information:

    1. 'Claim type' with a claim category of 3

    2. 'Facility'

    3. 'Equipment details'

      • 'Reimbursement manufacturer' (dealer)
      • 'Payer agreement' (dealer agreement). This agreement is used to populate the prices on the claim details in (MOS751) and determines the amount that the OEM reimburses.
      • 'Product'
      • 'Serial number'
      • 'Registration number' (optional)
    4. Service Details:

      • 'Service'. Used on the Claim MCO for crediting the dealer.
      • 'Item number'
      • 'Serial number'. Later checked against the warranty records 'Equipment. Connect Warranty’ (MOS390) during entry of claim details in (MOS751).
  5. Press 'Enter' or 'Next' to display the F panel.

  6. Specify Meter Information (optional). Where the equipment and item serial number on the service are not the same, it is possible to register meter values for item serial number at a service level.

  7. Press 'Enter' to display the G panel where the values from 'Service Error Report. Open' (MOS057) are displayed. Item causing failure is mandatory.

  8. Press 'Enter' to return to (MOS750/B).

  9. Select related option 11='Claim Lines' to navigate to 'Warranty Claim Specification. Open' (MOS751/B).

Follow these steps to manually create OEM claim lines

  1. In (MOS751/B) specify this information:

    1. 'Claim version' = 1 in field 'Vsn'

    2. 'Transaction number' = 1 in field 'Claim'

      • Note that claim version and transaction number only need to be populated for the first claim line. These values will default for subsequent claim lines.
    3. 'Line type' by selecting from one of the following:

      • 1-Labor
      • 2-Material
      • 3-Subcontracting
      • 4-Miscellaneous

      Where '1-Labor' is selected, the following values can be specified:

      • Work centre
      • Operation number
      • Employee number
      • Time type
      • Warehouse

      Where '2-Material details' is selected, the following values can be specified:

      • Item number
      • Invoiced qty (the qty dealer wants to claim)

      Where '3-Subcontracting' or '4-Miscellaneous' is selected, prices should be specified manually.

  2. Press 'Enter'.

  3. E panel is displayed.

  4. Specify 'quantity'.

  5. Prices and discounts will be pre-populated based on the agreement and discount model in place with the dealer. Discount details are displayed in (MOS751/I).

  6. 'Warranty Type'. If the item number is covered by warranty according to warranty contents in 'Equipment. Connect Warranty' (MOS390) and 'Equipment. Open Warranty Details' (MOS393) a warranty type will be defaulted from (MOS390). If the item is not covered by warranty, the sales price will be 0 and a manual price can be specified, overriding the system defaults.

  7. Click Next to return to the B panel.

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