Manage Locked Records in As-Built Structure in (MOS256)

This document explains how to reset a locked installation position, which is stuck in progress.

The 'Available' parameter (AVIL) in the MROICL table which can be displayed in 'As-Built Structure. Open' (MOS256) can get stuck with value 0 if a removal/removal installation does not complete as it should. It is good practice to set a personalization on this field to highlight it in red if the value is 0. That way you are notified about the problem directly when it happens instead of later, when the next removal should be performed.

A super user should be contacted to analyze if some data are not updated correctly.


The available parameter is reset to 1 and a removal or installation transaction can be performed.


Use this workflow if the message 'Installation/removal in progress' is displayed in (MOS256).

  1. Call for a super user if needed.
  2. Check the 'Available' parameter in the subfile for the specific position.
  3. The super user can reset the available parameter using related option 39-'Unlock'.
  4. You receive a warning message instructing you to analyze what went wrong. The available flag has been reset, and you should validate related programs for correct records. The programs are 'Serialized Item. Display Where Installed' (MOS251), 'As-Built List. Display' (MOS253), 'Serialized Item. Display Install History' (MOS266), 'Serialized Item. Display Reading Ins/Rem' (MOS267), 'Equipment/Ser Item. Open Meter Reading' (MMS241), and 'Balance Identity. Open Toolbox' (MWS060).
  5. There are some things to look for in these programs:
    • (MOS251): Is the component connected to the next higher item and serial number? If a single component is removed, it cannot exist in (MOS251) anymore. If it is a sub-component, it should remain in the assembly with the correct next higher item and serial number.
    • (MOS253): If a removal or installation is performed and connected to an operational unit, (MOS253) must reflect the change. If the highest unit is not an operational unit, only (MOS251) should reflect the change.
    • (MOS266) and (MOS267): Verify that the installation history has been updated and meter readings for installation or removal are correct.
    • If (MOS400) has 'S/N admin' set to 2: Verify that the component is moved to or from the INS INSTALLED warehouse setup in 'Settings - Maintenance 1' (CRS788). Remember to also check all sub-components if an assembly has been removed or /installed.
    • (MMS241): Verify that the ‘Since new’ field is updated correctly. Verify that 'Inst op unit' and 'At comp ins' are correct.
  6. When everything is verified, a new removal or installation can be performed.
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