MCO Invoice Error Handling

This document describes the workflow available to manage errors generated during the MCO invoicing process.

Because MCO invoicing can be initiated both manually and systematically, functionality is available to:

Note:  It is recommended that a system super-user takes responsibility for the activities associated with this workflow.


An MCO cannot be approved for invoicing if one of four error conditions are satisfied:

  1. Error situation detected by (COS071Fnc) or (COS072Fnc) during (COS900) processing. The first of these error messages is displayed in (COS870).

  2. MCO or WO reference not found by (COS900).

  3. Record not found by function program (COCLCINV1U – COCLCINV2U).

  4. Warranty record not found by function program (COCLCINV1U – COCLCINV2U).

Where one of these error conditions are identified, the associated transaction will be available in (COS870) for correction and reprocessing.


Approve MCO for invoicing in (COS100), (COS101)

When approving an MCO for invoicing using option 24 in (COS100) or (COS101) a check is performed to see if transactions for the order number exist in the auto job file (AINUPD) with an error code. These transactions will not yet have updated the invoice specification, and if the order is invoiced without correcting these errors they will not be included in the invoice and manual follow up will need to be performed. Where errors exist an error message is displayed.

If auto approval on MCO order type is selected, the same check is performed as when using option 24, and if an error identified, an error message is sent to the user and the status of the MCO remains at 40.

On receipt of this error message, the transaction in error must be corrected before the order can be approved for invoicing. The user can either apply the correction in (COS870) else request that the MCO responsible person does this.

Application message 751 sent to MCO responsible

Where an error is identified as part of a (COS900) system generated update, application message 751 (Invoice transaction with error found related to order) is sent to the person responsible for the MCO based on the field 'Resp' in the MCO Order Header. If a responsible person cannot be found a message is sent to system responsible (MOVEX).

Manage application message mailbox in (CRS420)

Selection of option 11='Open' against the required application message in 'Application Message. Open' (CRS420) opens 'MCO Invoice Transaction Error Log. Open' (COS870). Note that the order number included on the message should be saved for later use as this is not carried forward to (COS870).

Manage and correct errors in (COS870)

In 'MCO Invoice Transaction Error Log. Open' (COS480), one of 4 possible error scenarios may be presented for management in this view:

  1. Error situation detected by (COS071Fnc) or (COS072Fnc) during (COS900) processing. The first of these error messages is displayed.

  2. MCO or WO reference not found by (COS900).

  3. Record not found by function program (COCLCINV1U – COCLCINV2U).

  4. Warranty record not found by function program (COCLCINV1U – COCLCINV2U).

The information displayed in this view can be configured in programs:

Follow these steps

  1. Open (COS870) and locate the transaction for the required MCO order number.

  2. Start by reprocessing the record, as the error situation could already have been corrected by another user. Use related option 11='Send' to include a check for the error in the (COS900) processing. (COS900) runs as an auto job and is continuously looking for new and updated records without error codes for reprocessing. If no error is found, the record will update the invoice specification and be deleted from the error log (COS870).

  3. If the error still exists the record will be redisplayed and the error code and error situation will need to be corrected, either by changing the basic data in the system, or by changing or correcting some of the fields in the record.

  4. Determine what field is in error by looking at the message ID and message text, for example 'Deviating work center is not found'.

  5. Check the basic data for the field in error and check if the transaction is wrong or if the basic data needs to be updated or added (see below).

  6. If basic data is missing, update the corresponding M3 table and reprocess the transaction by using option 11='Send' as described above.

  7. If the field in the transaction is wrong, check if the field is already editable in an existing view. If so, select this view, edit the field, and reprocess the record by using option 11='Send'.

  8. If the field that needs to be corrected is not found in an existing view definition the field will need to be added as an editable field in the user defined view in (COS870) by following these steps:

    1. In the 'Sorting Order' field, press F4 twice.

    2. (CRS020) is displayed.

    3. Select option 'change' to open (CMS016) where the required field can be added in the 'field column' by typing the name of the field, or browsing to field list in the field group, and selecting the required field.

    4. After the new field is selected, press enter to verify the field, then insert a '1' in column 'edit' to indicate that it should be editable in the view.

    5. Press 'Enter', 'Apply' and then Close (F3) to return to (CRS020).

    6. In (CRS020), use option 1='Select', to return to (COS870) where the field is now available for input.

    7. Repeat from step 8. until all required fields are editable.

  9. Continue from step 4. until all errors are corrected and reprocessed.

Note:  The delete option available in (COS870) must only be used for transactions where an MCO reference cannot be identified.
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