Define Maintenance Agreement Line with Dynamic Price

This document explains how you define an agreement line with a service for which the customer is charged a fixed price for one or more of the following transaction types:

Use this instruction to add a service job to a maintenance agreement.


An agreement line is defined for a service job covered by the agreement.

File (ACUAGL) is updated.

Before you start

A maintenance agreement head must be defined in 'Maint Agrmnt. Open' (COS410).

Follow these steps

Note:  Use an agreement line with a dynamic price when you want to have everything as fixed price and specify fixed price for each transaction type (labor, material, subcontracting and miscellaneous) or fixed price for any combination of transaction type. This allows you to use dynamic price for a service in a flexible way.
  1. Start 'Maint Agrmnt. Open' (COS410/B).

  2. On the B-panel, select the agreement for which you want to define an agreement line with a service and select option 11 = 'Agreement lines' to display 'Maint Agrmnt. Open Lines' (COS411).

  3. Select panel sequence E F.

  4. On the B-panel specify:

    1. Service price method 7 and the start date for the agreement.

    2. Fixed price for the transaction type with fixed price. For labor it is possible to differentiate if all labor including travel time should be fixed price, or labor excluding travel time, or travel time only should be considered for fixed price (travel time applicable for field service).

    3. Product, product structure and the service for which the agreement should be valid (if a blank agreement line is to be defined, ignore these fields).

  5. Select 'New record' to display the E-panel.

  6. On the E-panel, it is possible to specify:

    1. Maximum material price per item (optional).

    2. Transaction (optional).

    3. Order line (optional).

    4. Warranty limits (optional).

    5. Maximum material cost allowed to charge the customer (optional).

  7. Press Enter to display the F-panel.

  8. On the F-panel, specify if the material to be used in the service should be limited to material owned by the customer and if material expendables should be limited to customer owned material.

  9. Press Enter to finish.

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